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Wife Prep Blog

Our FIRST Valentine's Day!

Falon Bonner

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, I want to encourage you and challenge how you see this day. 


As a single, I never looked forward to Valentine’s Day. It was literally a day I dreaded. All the flowers, cards and candy quickly reminded me that I didn’t have anyone special to share the day with. There was no one to simply say, “Hey, I was thinking about you,” or “I just wanted to buy you these beautiful flowers to let you know I love you.”


I typically only received a “Happy Valentine’s Day” text, if even that. You know something very generic — something that didn’t take much thought at all! And if I was “dating” someone, this is one of the things that showed me that I was NOT his priority. Most times, in my heart, I honestly knew it was because they were likely celebrating the day with someone else (someone who mattered more to them than me).  


All of these thoughts resonated with me year after year until I finally decided that this day would not exist for me. For me, it would be just like any other day. I would go to work, the gym and then home, making sure to avoid grocery stores that were full of red hearts, balloons and chocolates! Urghhh!! I remember always secretly wishing the day would just end already. 


EVERYTHING changed the day I met my husband, Nikki. 



We met on Dec 3, 2011, and didn’t have an actual phone conversation until three weeks later. During that time, we communicated primarily through Facebook messenger. Check out “Our Love Story-How We Met” video click here 


Our relationship progressed quickly after our initial conversation, and before I knew it, the dreaded V-DAY (much like D-Day) was upon us again. I explained to Nikki how I really loved V-Day, but that I hadn’t celebrated it in years. We didn’t have a long, intricate conversation regarding the topic, but little did I know, Nikki would be planning to make our first Valentine’s a day to remember! 


February 14, 2012, I woke up, and did my normal routine of going to work. I particularly remember a case running late that morning, resulting in an extended late work day for me. As I was packing up I heard my name being called over the loud speaker. 


“Falon Baker report to the Operating Room font desk please.”


At first I thought I was hearing things so I just continued packing up. Then, I heard it again. 


“Falon Baker please report to the Operating Room front desk.”


I was like: Are they are calling me? And what could they want? I was so confused. It had been a long day and I just wanted to pack up my things and go home. 


I walked to the front desk where the lady there was smiling from ear to ear. 


“Did someone page Falon Baker?”


She informed that she had paged me and asked me to step in another room. When I walked through the door, Nikki was standing there with a beautiful bouquet of red roses. 


“Happy Valentine’s Day!” 


My first response was: OMG, how did you get in here? How did you know which hospital I was at? I could not understand how he’d pulled all this off.  


Nikki later told me that he listened to me and began to write down which days I was at each hospital. Ladies he was paying attention! He said he explained to the staff that he wanted to surprise his girlfriend and to his delight everyone was excited and onboard! 


This was HUGE in my book!


What he did was not easy by any means. There was a lot involved with getting access to the Operating Room where I worked so this was a big deal. I was so excited and grateful that he went out of his way to make that day special for me. Oh, I forgot to mention, he took off work and drove all the way to where I lived to make this happen (which was nearly two hours away from where he lived in Atlanta).  


And it did not stop there! Nikki ended the day with dinner that HE prepared. Yes ladies, He did that! He prepared a seafood broil, which by the way seafood is my favorite. He definitely paid close attention to DETAIL ensuring that he nailed our very FIRST V-Day together. It was memorable to say the least. 


This just gave me a snippet of what I could expect from him in the future! He always delivered too. And in doing that, Nikki changed my perception of V-Day! It went from being a day I dreaded to being one I happily anticipated. He definitely set the bar!  


I am forever grateful to God for allowing me to experience a love like this. Ladies EXPECT to receive God’s best so you too can experience this kind of love — a love thatONLY comes from God. 


I so want to share this love with you. This is what my Girl’s Nights are all about — giving my single ladies a glimpse of how your husband is going to treat you. I want every outing to be full of acts of love, completely catering to you. My desire is that you always leave encouraged, full of FAITH, and eagerly looking forward to every day, including V-Day, this year and always knowing your husband is on the way! 


Stay encouraged ladies!