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The Slay Ministry

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A sisterhood of women empowered with the necessary tools to SLAY every giant in their life. We come from all walks of life all with ONE mission to WIN (1 Samuel 17:50). We are known as a safe place where women can come to get fulfilled, become whole, find sisterhood, seek progress, and obtain better results in their health, finances and relationships. We help  women find their voice so they can go from powerless to powerhouse! 


Our dynamic community gives women the tools to keep pushing through in spite of life’s challenges. Know this, God has called, equipped and prepared you to succeed!  This is your season and it's your time! Yes, you can be healthy, whole and get that ring girl (Mark 9:23)! It is absolutely impossible to stand in the way of a determined woman who knows what she wants! Let your purpose and other like-minded women push into overcoming every obstacle! We are the Slay Ministry & winning is what we do! Join the sisterhood & SLAY your goals girl. See you inside!

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 In the Bible David SLAYED Goliath with a rock because God was with him. Maybe your giant is singleness; finding a way to keep going after a life altering tragedy; how to get in position as a powerhouse wife in your marriage, discovering your purpose or losing those stubborn 20 pounds so you can finally feel comfortable in your own skin again. Whatever it is we are looking forward to connecting you the power source so you too can SLAY your very own giant(s) & WIN!

See you inside!

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